NBA 2K20 will have a few noteworthy new features

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NBA 2K20 will have a few noteworthy new features

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It is possible that the upcoming NBA season will be the most unpredictable one we have had in recent memory, which might mean that a big year could be on the horizon for 2K Sports most popular title. If that ends up being the case, then the developers should end up creating a game that looks and feels different from its predecessors. But, as of right now at least, that doesn’t appear to be the case with NBA 2K20.

Even though the gameplay shown in the leak looks very reminiscent of NBA 2K17, the developers have promised that the upcoming 2K20 will have a few noteworthy new features, one of which is the addition of the WNBA. As of right now, 2K hasn’t been clear as to how the WNBA will be used in the game, but it’s probably pretty safe to assume that they’re going to give players the option to play through the MyCareer mode as either a male or female.

The 2019 NBA Draft is complete, and the dust has settled following the wildest free agency period in league history. That means the rosters are nearly set for another edition of NBA 2K. Gamers will have to wait until Sept. 6 to play NBA 2K20, but 2K Sports has already announced overall ratings for the top 20 players ahead of the release date. LeBron James sits atop the NBA 2K mountain once again with a 97 overall rating, but Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard (97) and NBA MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo (96) are right behind the Lakers star.

James Harden is also another overrated player in NBA 2K20, and worse enough is when he is rated above Stephen Curry, a two-time NBA MVP. If he genuinely deserves 96, then Stephen Curry should also be at 96 and not where he stands at 95. The Warrior guard is still the leading three-point shooter with a rating of 99. He can cut through the tightest defenses just like the Houston Rockets man. Adjusting the rating correctly, 95 will be ideal for both of them. In the last bit of the ugly side, there is no way Kyrie Irving, rated 91 is better than Klay Thompson, rated 89. Kyrie was a fantastic player some time but not in this age. It is either, he is overrated or the Golden State Warriors shooting guard is highly underrated.

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